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Here you can find all the brands participating in CannaTrust UK. Those brands and manufacturers are able to collect genuine customer reviews by real users. Our main goal with this platform is to create a more transparent market for CBD and other cannabinoid products in the United Kingdom. Together with our partner brands we are 100% certain that we will be able to achieve this.

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CBD brands on is an independent rating platform on which real customers share their authentic experiences with various cannabinoid products by a large number of different brands. Through honest reviews by consumers and B2B customers it becomes easier to determine the advantages and disadvantages of specific products. Thus, the market around cannabinoid products becomes more and more transparent and fair.

The brands on the platform can generally be described as CBD brands. Some of them also produce and sell other cannabinoid products such as CBG oil. You can rate these products on as well, but the overall focus of the industry seems to be on Cannabidiol products at the moment. All CBD brands are participating in this project voluntarily. They pay a minor service charge and want to help to improve the future of the UK cannabinoid market.

The best CBD brands in the UK

Generally, every brand that offers CBD or cannabinoid products in the UK is entitled to list their products on CannaTrust. The brands do not necessarily have to be from the UK. Therefore, there are also CBD brands from the US, CBD brands from Switzerland etc.

Since CannaTrust is a platform that aims at more fairness, all CBD brands in the UK have the opportunity to become a CannaTrust partner. We do not exclude any brand or manufacturer. Whoever wants to become a CannaTrust partner need to be willing to answer a set of open questions and to make the own products available for ratings by our users. That is the only way to make sure that there will be market transparency and fairness in the UK CBD market.

How to review and rate CBD brands and products

Our focus on is to collect ratings and reviews for products that consumers in the UK can buy. The goal is to create an added value to the industry by creating much more market transparency for everyone. When writing a CBD review, it may be best to do so in the most objective way. We ask our users to always stay polite and never lie in their reviews.

If required, CBD brands on CannaTrust can respond directly to ratings and reviews they received on their products. Thus, users and brands can enter into a productive exchange. By this, constructive feedback can be used to create the best CBD products in the market. In order to make it easier for consumers to find the right CBD oil or the best CBD lotion we need numerous courageous brands and manufacturers as well as active users.

You are producing or selling cannabinoid products yourself and want to list them on CannaTrust? Please use our contact form!