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How can I be part of CannaTrust?

As a user of the platform, there are two main ways to take part. One way is just as a passive user, making use of the website by reading the information provided, a major part of which consists of submitted ratings and product reviews. To do this, all you have to do is visit the pages of the CannaTrust website. Signing in is not required.

The other way to participate in the CannaTrust project is as an active user, evaluating products yourself and sharing your product reviews with other users. To do this, all you need is a free user account, which takes only a few moments to set up.

Where can I sign in/register?

The quickest way to sign in or register (i.e. create a user account) is via the corresponding button in the header of the website:



If you are new to CannaTrust and would like to rate products and write reviews yourself, you need to register / create an account first. This is, of course, completely free of charge. To do this, just select “Register”.  The following window will then open:

In field 1 you can choose your user name. This will then be the name which gets displayed above your ratings and product reviews. It will also be the name that you will use when you sign in (log on) to the CannaTrust website.

Please enter a valid email address which you have access to in field 2. This is necessary as, for legal reasons, we will be sending you a unique confirmation link with which you can activate your account. This also serves as protection against spambots etc.

Finally, using the two fields with the number 3 you can specify a password of your own choosing. You should note this down together with your user name or, even better, just memorise it.

All you need to do after this is tick the box which says that you agree to our terms of use and data protection provisions (both can be viewed using the relevant links). By clicking on the “Register” button, your account will be created and the confirmation link will be sent to the email address you have provided. Once you have clicked on this once, your account will be active and you will then be able to share any number of ratings and experiences of products listed on CannaTrust.


  • If you can’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, have a look in your “Spam” folder. Please send us an email immediately if you encounter any problems during the signing in/registration process.

Registering via your Facebook-Account is even simpler. If you have a Facebook account, simply click on the blue Facebook symbol and follow the instructions.

Signing in

To sign in to an existing account, just select “Sign in” on the CannaTrust homepage. The following window will then open:

If you haven’t got an account yet, you first need to register. To do this, click on button number 1 (“Register now”). If you already have an account, just enter your user name or the email address you used for the registration process in field 2. Type in the password that you have chosen in field 3 and click on “sign in”.

If you have registered via your Facebook account you can also sign in by clicking on the blue Facebook symbol.

How can I rate products and write reviews on CannaTrust?

If you would like to evaluate a product and write a review simply sign into your user account and choose the appropriate product. You can find the right product in product overview using the filters. To submit a rating simply click on the “Rate product” button.


If you are already signed in, the following window will then open:

1 – Here you can give your product a star rating. 5 stars mean that you were fully satisfied with the product. 1 star means that you were entirely dissatisfied with the product. In field 2 you can give your review a title. Field 3 is there for you to give your personal product review.

There are no strict rules for writing such a review on The only requirement is that you have actually tested the product yourself. If necessary, we will therefore also contact you for proof that this is the case. Apart from this, we do of course hope that you evaluate and write about your cannabinoid product as honestly and objectively as possible. There are no rules about the length of your product review, but the more detailed it is, the more helpful it will be to other users.

Why is my review not shown?

In order to prevent spam and fraudulent ratings, we reserve the right to carry out checks. It is possible that where there are suspicions we, as the operator of the platform will, for example, contact a rater by email and request proof that the product was actually purchased, for example. This is also the reason why ratings and product reviews first have to be approved by our employees before they can appear online. However, this usually happens promptly and certainly within a day of you submitting your rating.

How can I get the best products to appear first?

In the product view on, you can choose between various filters. Products can also be displayed according to the star rating they have been given.

cannatrust-faq (2)

If you sort the products according to their star ratings, the products with the best ratings will be displayed first.

Where can I buy the products? is an independent rating platform. We also want to give all users of CannaTrust the freedom to write about the effects of the cannabinoid products listed. For legal reasons, it is therefore not possible for us to place links, for example to online shops where the products are sold, on the CannaTrust pages. We therefore cannot give you any information about where you would be best off buying the products. A simple search using a search engine such as Google can usually remedy the situation very quickly, however. Generally, you can usually purchase all products straight from the producer .


How can I change my review at a later point?

On CannaTrust, it is not possible to change ratings yourself at a later point in time. However, if you do wish to change your rating and/or your product review, you can simply write to us using our contact form. We can then make the change in accordance with your wishes.

Who is behind CannaTrust?

What you’ll find behind the scenes at the CannaTrust project is a young, committed team which has made it their goal to inform people about cannabinoids, and especially about cannabidiol (CBD), independently and free of charge. In previous projects we have always endeavoured to provide the market with independent information. The CBDRatgeber project, for example, was also created with this in mind. You can find more information about the team behind CannaTrust here:

How can we know that the ratings are genuine?

All ratings  given on get checked by our team. If there are any suspicions, we ask the user who gave the rating to provide relevant proof, for example, demonstrating that the product was indeed purchased. This way, we do everything we can to ensure that only ratings from real users are accepted. Of course, the time taken for the verification process means that we cannot require such evidence for each individual assessment, but the number of assessments will compensate for this factor anyway.

How can CannaTrust be transparent if the producers pay for the listings?

The producers listed on CannaTrust pay a fee in order to participate in the project, and this is something which we as the providers of the service are entirely open about. Building up and operating a platform like this takes a lot of time and money (programming, web design, account management, content maintenance etc.). These costs are to be covered by these contributions and are kept as low as possible.

We intentionally avoid premium models or paid rankings, so that the portal remains as independent and fair as possible. A different standard view of the products is therefore generated each time using a randomiser. This way, no product is displayed preferentially. In addition, all producers who sell cannabinoid products in the UK have the opportunity to participate in CannaTrust. Nobody is excluded.

Links to the websites of producers, or even to shops, are strictly forbidden at CannaTrust, because the goal is not to sell or market products, but rather to make the market more transparent. Quite apart from anything else, legal reasons mean that this is out of the question for us. As the operator of the platform, we ensure that our users are free to write about the use and effects of cannabinoid products, so that the added value for everyone else is as great as possible. Here, too, we act independently so that the consumer can be well-informed.

How do I know that the producers themselves didn’t write the reviews?

We, the providers of CannaTrust check all ratings and comments, before they get displayed. This is in order to ensure that no spam posting occurs. In the end, the possibility that producers themselves may “fake” ratings can never be 100% eliminated, but any such ratings get balanced out over time by the numerous ratings given by real users.

Why are only certain producers listed on CannaTrust?

Generally-speaking, every producer who sells cannabinoid products in the UK has the opportunity to participate in the CannaTrust project. As the providers of this website, we are always keen to contact as many producers of cannabinoid products as possible in order to introduce them to the project. Participation in CannaTrust is, of course, voluntary and so only those producers who wish to take part do so. However, we are always open to enquiries from other producers.

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