Officially online: – The rating platform for cannabinoid products

The rating platform for cannabinoid products
Written by Dennis Mattern

Today is the day! Our new rating platform is officially online and ready for you. With our CannaTrust magazine, which we launched several weeks ago, we have already been providing people who are interested with information on all kinds of cannabinoids, their effects and everything around it. From today on, you can also find numerous products from different brands on our website. We invite you to read all the product information provided and to review products you have already tried yourself.

Who are we? – The CannaTrust Team

Our team has been active in the cannabis and CBD industry for years. From the start we realized how important it is to educate and inform in order to build a fair market. 2 Years ago, we started the website where we have been publishing informational articles about Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids on a regular basis. On the side we always participated in various kinds of other non-commercial projects within the industry.

In May 2019 we finally launched, a rating platform for cannabinoid products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The feedback by the industry as well as by our users has been overwhelming and the project has been constantly growing. After 3 months we integrated our CannaTrust magazine.

What is the goal of

Together with you – the users of this website – we want to make the market more transparent and thus fair for everyone. Through real customer ratings and reviews it is easier for everyone to find out which products are satisfying a large number of customers and to identify products of lower quality. This project is strictly non-commercial, which is why we do not sell any products on this website. Our main goal is to inform and educate. We support the achievement of this goal through informational articles in our CannaTrust magazine.

Who’s in?

For the start of this new chapter of our project we have been able to find 7 partners who put trust into the project before the website has been launched. Therefore, you can now start reviewing products of the following brands:

The use of this website for all our users is completely free of charge. In order to review a product, you only need to create a free user account. More than 700 brands are currently offering their cannabinoid products in the UK. The market is largely unregulated and it’s hard for consumers to see, which brands are working professionally, and which are trying to make large profits by selling cheap products of poor quality. Through customer ratings and reviews it becomes much easier for you to see, what products are recommended by other. Therefore, let’s work together towards more market transparency and fairness and review products on!

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About the author

Dennis Mattern

Dennis Mattern

Dennis is an essential part of the CannaTrust team. He has been with us since day 1 and is COO and Account Manager for CannaTrust. He himself has already gained many personal experiences with CBD. Several members of his family use cannabinoid products for their chronic diseases.