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Alpinols CBD Oiel for Cats on CannaTrust
Written by Dennis Mattern

It is no longer a scientific secret that CBD also has very beneficial effects for pets. Pain, restlessness, indigestion – all things that our four-legged friends sometimes suffer from. And why should something different apply to cats and dogs (and of course everyone else) than to humans. From now on, our partner Alpinols lists a cannabidiol product that was specially designed for cats and shows excellent results with the velvet paws. Thereby we are intensifying our cooperation for more transparency on the hemp market and showing that we care about humans and animals alike.


What do humans and animals have in common? Certainly, a lot – but we are primarily concerned that both deserve to be able to use the positive effects of CBD for themselves. And in this case, it is scientifically proven that what is good for humans also benefits the cat. So, from now on we are listing Alpinols Pets 3% CBD oil for cats and give cat owners the opportunity to share their experiences on CannaTrust. We hereby deeply encourage you to write detailed reviews. Many pet owners are thinking about doing something good for their pets. However, there are a lot of prejudices against hemp and many people who already demonize the plant wouldn’t dream of giving their four-legged friends CBD drops. Here it is important to create more transparency together with our partner and with you as users.

100 percent natural and from Switzerland

Attentive visitors to our portal know: We have already listed some Alpinols products on CannaTrust for some time. Whether for humans or animals: Swiss Organic Partners AG – the manufacturer behind the Alpinols brand – relies exclusively on regional production. The farmers who supply our partner with certified hemp all come from the region around the company headquarters in Mönchaltorf in the canton of Zurich. The highest quality of cannabis thrives here, which is not treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The plant material is also free of any genetic engineering. On our partner’s website you will find the following quality promise, which is also a commitment to the Swiss home of Alpinols products:

We promise that all the ingredients in our CBD oils come from Switzerland. Starting with the planting of the cannabis plant, enriching the CBD concentrate with Swiss organic sunflower seed oil and filling the bottles. At Alpinols you benefit from 100% Swiss quality.

Taking products containing cannabinoids may result in interactions with various medications. If you are already taking medication, the use of CBD and other cannabinoids should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

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Dennis Mattern

Dennis Mattern

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