We introduce our new partner: Naturecan

New CannaTrust Partner Naturecan
Written by Gunnar R.

Our new partner is a UK original and is known for extraordinary, innovative products. Have you seen CBD gummy bears so far? Naturecan Ltd. also has CBD cookies and other so-called edibles on offer. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Naturecan and together we want to keep working on our goal to eliminare prejudices against hemp and cannabis in general. Many people connect the plant automatically to illegal products containing large amounts of THC. Together with our partners we will keep educating and trying to spread the word.


Naturecan offers CBD products of all kinds to their customers. Inter alia, their product range contains:

  • CBD edibles
  • CBD oil
  • CBD skin care
  • Vitamins & supplements

The first product our new partner is listing is the Naturecan 10% CBD oil. From now on, users can review and rate this product on CBD oil is by far the most popular form of cannabinoid products. Therefore, there are many different cannabidiol oils on the UK market right now. We invite all our users to visit CannaTrust and inform themselves about various products. The CBD reviews on this website deliver answers to questions such as: Why should you buy Naturecan 10% CBD oil? How good did the product work for previous customers? What medical conditions can possibly be ‘treated’ with this product? The combination of product info and reviews will give you a good idea of what you can expect in case you decide to buy a CBD oil.

CBD Wiki and more

Just like we are, Naturecan is also very active when it comes to informing potential customers about CBD and cannabinoids in general. For example, on the website of Naturecan you can also find a comprehensive CBD wiki with numerous articles about all topics you can imagine.

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About the author

Gunnar R.

Gunnar R.

Gunnar has been with CannaTrust from the beginning. Within the team he is know for his enthusiasm for cannabis and CBD. As a business journalist Gunnar has been writing for renowned media such as Stern, Spiegel or 'Sueddeutsche Zeitung'. Additionally, he has been part of a large medical encyclopedia project and therefore has an extensive knowledge about medical devices.