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CBD and Heart Diseases

In the industrialised nations of the West, cardiologists unfortunately have something of a reputation for being amongst the busiest doctors there are. Heart specialists are in such great demand because heart problems are one of the most common causes of disease and death.

The heart is a hollow muscle and is responsible for circulating blood through our bodies, just as it is in most other animals. Thus, all organs are supplied with oxygen, which is vital for so many biological processes.

There are many different causes of heart problems, and CBD can be helpful if these problems are the consequence of inflammation or metabolic disorders, for example. CBD is particularly effective against heart problems when what is known as the entourage effect is allowed its full expression. The entourage effect is the term used to refer to the joint action of the full spectrum of the active substances present in cannabis.  It is important to note that, for CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, CBD creams and CBD ointments only legal hemp is used, with a THC content below 0.2 percent. Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, is not addictive and nor does it bring about states of intoxication.

The causes of heart problems

There are many potential causes of heart problems. In addition to mental disorders, possible causes include colds, tobacco use, congenital heart defects, obesity and inflammation. These, in turn, can result in a range of different heart diseases. There are all sorts of ways in which the heart can be damaged or attacked.

In makes sense to use CBD in the case of heart problems if, for example, there is any inflammation present, as CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, amongst others. CBD can also be used preventatively, to stop heart problems from arising in the first place.

An additional cause of serious heart issues is significant stress. In such cases, the heart muscle can be damaged by being overloaded. Through its calming effect, CBD can help against stress-related heart problems by reducing the stress which causes the damage in the first place.

How cardiac medicines work

Since heart conditions can result from such a variety of different causes and express themselves in so many different ways, it is difficult to name one specific medication for heart problems. We can therefore only name a few of the most common causes here, together with the substances and medicines which are used to treat them.

Thus, the aforementioned obesity is considered to be a major trigger when it comes to certain heart problems. In the case of obesity, weight-loss medication such as orlistat is often prescribed. This substance stops fats from being broken down in the stomach and the small intestine. This means that the molecules stay too big to be absorbed by the digestive tract, so they cannot enter the bloodstream and move towards the heart.

Another relevant factor when it comes to heart problems is excessive acute and chronic stress. In both cases, increased blood pressure can result. Chronic stress in particular, not only can have psychological consequences, but can also lead to heart problems. Antidepressants, beta blockers and antihistamines are often prescribed by specialists in such cases. Especially when stress leads to heart problems, not only can the application of CBD lighten the mood of the person affected: CBD used for heart problems also has a more general calming effect on the mind and thus inhibits stress.


CBD and heart problems – How can cannabidiol help?

Before you take any medicine or any other course of action to treat a heart problem, you should talk to your doctor. In the case of mild heart issues, CBD has the potential of being able to significantly ease symptoms.


Inflammatory diseases which affect the heart or the entire cardiovascular system can be caused, among other things, by generalised inflammations of the entire body. Even inflammations in the extremities or around the teeth can damage the heart, thus resulting in serious consequences. This is one area in which CBD can be used against heart problems, as one of the characteristics of CBD is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory. Many studies[1] which have dealt with this topic confirm this characteristic of CBD when it comes to heart problems. In summary, it can be said that it is especially in the case of myocarditis  (inflammatory cardiomyopathy) that CBD displays its soothing properties. During studies, CD3 and CD4 lymphocyte values were show to undergo a long-term reduction due to the use of CBD. Ultimately, the use of CBD to treat heart problems allows heart tissue to recover faster and better over the long term.

In the prevention of diseases related to the cardiovascular system, CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, CBD ointments and salves and CBD creams are often used. CBD products can minimise or even completely inhibit the risk factors associated with heart problems. Not only does CBD reduce stress and regulate the appetite in cases of obesity, but studies from the USA which were conducted from the 1970s to the late 2010s concluded that CBD is associated with other cannabis products in cardiovascular disease.

CBD even appears to exhibit its positive properties in cases of autoimmune myocarditis. According to one study[2] CBD can contribute to the alleviation of cardiac muscle dysfunction both in this case and in the case of other autoimmune diseases and following organ transplants. In addition, CBD can act as an antioxidant for heart problems. These counteract free radicals which, in excess, can cause cell damage to occur, which can also involve the heart.

Following consultation with a doctor, those who suffer from short bursts of burning heart pain can also take CBD, either instead of or in addition to painkillers. CBD has a proven analgesic (pain-killing) effect. In addition, CBD can also reduce pain to such an extent that the strength and dose of other painkillers can be drastically reduced. Thus, CBD can be effective in countering potential dependence on painkillers, which is also a danger for those with heart problems.


  • Following consultation with their family doctor or specialist, those who decide to take advantage of the positive properties of CBD with respect to heart problems can significantly reduce the risk of inflammation by doing so and even use CBD as a remedy for existing inflammations.
  • Heart problems caused by stress or similar factors can be alleviated with CBD, as CBD also has the effect of improving one’s mood.
  • It can also be used to better cope with symptoms such as depression, which can follow a heart attack or a stroke.

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