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CBD capsules – The easy way to take CBD

Of all the cannabinoid products available, CBD capsules are the undisputed favourite when it comes to taking CBD in a way which combines ease with precision. CBD capsules provide a very straightforward way of taking cannabidiol. The capsules contain diluted CBD oil. This convenient and clear way of taking CBD in the form of capsules is especially popular amongst those who are just entering the world of CBD. It is an approach which does not require careful measurements or dosing. In a nutshell, CBD capsules constitute a pre-packaged way of taking cannabidiol oil. This substance is effective against a great number of complaints, and has numerous positive effects on the human body.

What are CBD capsules?

CBD is a natural product which is derived from the hemp plant. Cannabidiol, which is a legal active substance, is a non-psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant. In the case of CBD capsules, the CBD oil, which is derived from hemp, comes in the form of a capsule. CBD capsules are oil capsules, and are usually gelatine-free. This means that CBD capsules are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Special capsules made of plant fibre are filled with the oily CBD extract. CBD capsules provide a straightforward and precise way of taking cannabidiol.

Production of CBD capsules

There are various methods which are used to produce CBD capsules. While some processes involve quite a bit of work, CBD capsules can also be produced with relative ease and at low cost. Fundamentally, the production of CBD capsules is not much different from the production of CBD oil. There are two main manufacturing processes. In one of the procedures, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using CO2, and in the other it is extracted using an alcoholic solution. The final products, i.e. the CBD capsules, differ mainly in their CBD concentration. In addition, CBD capsules are often enriched with other micronutrients. Vitamins, trace elements and other substances are added to the capsules, producing a targeted final product.

Extracting CBD with an alcohol solution

CBD can be dissolved out of the hemp plant by means of an alcohol solution. This is because cannabidiol is extremely soluble in alcohol. In order to extract the CBD from the hemp plant with alcohol-based solvent, the parts of the cannabis plant which contain CBD are immersed in alcohol over an extended period. Once the plant parts have been soaked in the alcohol solution, the mixture is heated and the alcohol evaporates. What remains is cannabidiol.

After this, vegetable oil is added to the CBD. In general, hemp seed oil or olive oil are used for this. Specific quantities of CBD oil are then enclosed in capsules. The extraction of CBD using alcohol is a proven method for the production of CBD products. It is a production method which permits the production of high quality CBD capsules.

CO2 Extraction

For CO2 extraction to be carried out, the hemp plant is first chopped up and heated to 150 °C. With the plant in this state, the CBD can be easily removed by adding CO2 gas. The production of CBD capsules is then carried out in the manner already described above. That is to say, the CBD obtained is combined with a vegetable oil and put into capsules.

Unfortunately, the production of CBD capsules by means of CO2 extraction is particularly complex and special laboratory conditions are needed. However, CBD capsules which are made in this way are particularly high-quality. Most importantly, the CBD they contain is extremely pure. However, the price of the CBD capsules often ends up reflecting the amount of work involved in their manufacture.

Why CBD capsules? – The advantages of CBD capsules

A clear advantage of CBD capsules is that they provide a simplified way of taking cannabidiol. CBD capsules mean there is no need to carefully measure out doses. As the capsules are ready-made, you can easily take them whenever you need to. The CBD content of the capsules you take will always be the same, unless you change to a different product. Whilst taking CBD oil will mean that the dose you take will vary somewhat, CBD capsules make it easy for you to stay on the safe side, taking precisely the same amount each time. In this way, the capsules provide an accurate and straightforward way to take CBD.

Another advantage is the neutral flavour of CBD capsules. Unlike CBD oil, CBD capsules do not leave a bitter taste in the mouth. As the CBD oil is enclosed within a capsule, the somewhat bitter oil never comes into contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth.

This convenient way of taking CBD is also useful for those who are on the move. Capsules make it easy to avoid drips and spillages. This is because the capsules are small, hard tablets.

In addition to CBD, these capsules are often enriched with other active substances. This means that these particular CBD capsules, by combining CBD with other micronutrients, provide a more complete dietary supplement. Combination capsules can therefore provide complementary solutions for everyday problems. This means that you can reach for anti-stress, anti-hair loss or mood enhancement capsules without having to worry about the dosage.

To sum up, CBD capsules are a very straightforward, precise and user-friendly way of taking CBD.

Disadvantages of CBD capsules

As promising as cannabidiol capsules are, unfortunately there are also disadvantages to this uncomplicated way of taking CBD. Since the capsules only dissolve once they have reached the stomach, the effects of the CBD are delayed. This means that the cannabidiol is only absorbed via the gastric mucosa, unlike CBD oil, which is absorbed via the oral mucosa. This all means that when it comes in the form of capsules, CBD first has to pass through a number of stages before it is able to take effect. In those cases where the CBD should take effect rapidly, CBD capsules are not recommended. In addition, the long path taken through the body by CBD capsules can mean that their efficacy ends up being somewhat lower.  Those taking CBD over the long term, however, may consider these disadvantages to be irrelevant.

Taking CBD capsules


CBD capsules are best taken between meals with a sip of water. As CBD is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, it is not recommended to take CBD during meals.

However, it is also thought that the body’s uptake of CBD is improved by the action of enzymes which digest fat. Butter, milk, nuts and other foods which contain fats activate these enzymes inside the body. It is therefore recommended that you enrich your everyday diet with these foods.

The effects of CBD capsules

Generally speaking, CBD capsules act on the human body in the same way that other CBD products do. As the capsules first have to make their way to the stomach in order to then be absorbed via the gastric mucosa, the CBD can take some time to take effect.

Once the cannabidiol has actually entered the bloodstream, it then docks on to the endocannabinoid system. The receptors of the endocannabinoid system exert an influence over many parts of the body. Consequently, CBD can have a positive impact on a great number of physical problems. CBD can have

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • anxiety-relieving
  • relaxing
  • soporific (sleep stimulating)
  • analgesic (pain relieving)
  • and natural antidepressant

effects on the body.

As cannabidiol capsules often contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the overall package constituted by a CBD capsule can have extremely positive effects on the human body. Prefabricated, complementary total solutions such as anti-hair-loss, anti-stress or pro-bone capsules help specifically in those areas of the body which you yourself decide to target when you buy specific kinds of CBD capsules. These bundled CBD offers are a popular choice for those who are new to CBD. Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6, gamma Linolenic acid), as well as chlorophyll and carotenoids round off the positive effects of CBD capsules.

Does CBD have side effects?

Generally speaking, CBD is considered to be very well tolerated, with few side effects. However, as CBD has only just been integrated into conventional medicine, there are no long-term studies of this active substance yet. Nevertheless, people’s experiences suggest that CBD has few side effects, if any. An overdose can result in fatigue, vertigo and nausea. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should reduce the dose.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should refrain from taking CBD products. Attention should be paid to possible interactions with other medication. You should take care when it comes to combining CBD with alcohol. In general, if you are uncertain, consultation with a pharmacist or doctor will often clarify things.

Buying CBD capsules – What to look out for

Once you have decided that you would like to buy some CBD capsules, it is advised that you pay particular attention to the CBD content of the capsules. This is the most important difference between the various products which are available. Also, make sure that you know whether your CBD capsules contain other ingredients such as vitamins, trace elements, pepper, turmeric, etc. You can choose from these combined CBD and nutrient supplements according to your personal preferences.


  • CBD capsules provide a particularly straightforward and uncomplicated way of taking cannabidiol.
  • Especially in the case of users who are bothered by what some perceive as the somewhat harsh flavour of CBD oil, CBD capsules provide the optimal solution.
  • A disadvantage, however, is that CBD capsules take effect more slowly than CBD oil, for instance.

Taking products containing cannabinoids may result in interactions with various medications. If you are already taking medication, the use of CBD and other cannabinoids should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

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