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Vaping cannabidiol: What are CBD e-liquids?

Smoking without burning anything. This is the basic idea behind vaporisers (also known as e-cigarettes). In order to vaporise a substance, i.e. heat it above its boiling point, you need to fill the vaporiser with a liquid which contains the substance whose flavour or constituent compound you wish to inhale.

These substances are called e-liquids. Increasing numbers of CBD e-liquids can now be found on the cannabinoid market. E-cigarettes are filled and refilled with these liquids. E-liquids usually consist of 2 components: propylene glycol (often abbreviated as “PG”) and glycerine (VG). The vast majority of e-liquids also contain additional flavourings.  These vary between different products and CBD producers. Some e-liquids also contain nicotine. The use of PG and VG did not start with the invention of e-liquids, however. They have already been used, for example, as the liquid used in fog machines. 

The liquid is heated and then vaporised by an electric current which is supplied by a battery. This vapour provides the user with a sensory feeling very similar to that of real smoking. The smoker absorbs the substance contained in the liquid directly by means of this vapour.

CBD can also be absorbed by the body by means of such CBD e-liquids, which act as carriers. Generally, those e-liquids which contain CBD are referred to as CBD e-liquids. These can usually be vaporised using standard e-cigarettes / vape pens / vaporisers. Such e-liquids contain varying levels of CBD. For example, there are e-liquids which contain 30mg of cannabidiol per bottle, but there are also products containing more than 1000mg of CBD.

The ingredients – What’s in cannabidiol liquids?

CBD e-liquids generally consist of glycerine, propylene glycol and cannabidiol. Whilst glycerine used to mainly be obtained from animal fats, nowadays producers exclusively use VG, that is to say pure vegetable glycerine. Glycerine is a versatile substance which, apart from being used in CBD e-liquids for vaporisers, is also found in cosmetics, ointments and pet food. When used in vaporisers, glycerine has the advantage of producing denser vapour. This vapour is easier to inhale and the feeling is similar to that of smoking a cigarette.

In addition to glycerine, propylene glycol, or “PG” for short, is also used as a carrier substance in CBD e-liquids. The use of PG also causes some of the ingredients in the CBD e-liquids to have a more intense flavour. In addition, the higher the dose of propylene glycol, the more the smoker will feel it in his or her lungs when inhaling. To date, long-term studies of propylene glycol, which specifically examined the test subjects for possible harmful effects, have not found any. The findings of these studies resulted in the fact that today PG is not only used as a liquid in vaporisers, but is also found in cosmetic products, toothpaste, and even in asthma inhalers.

Further studies concluded that PG has the ability to kill germs. Since this has been published and then confirmed in follow-up studies, PG has been vaporised straight into hospital air conditioning systems, for example. In addition, there are areas of application which are strictly controlled by the agricultural and food authorities on the one hand and by the health authorities on the other. PG is used in dairy cattle feed and as a diluent for medicines.

Of course, CBD e-liquids also contain cannabidiol. This is usually present in the form of isolate (CBD isolate / CBD crystals). For this reason, most cannabidiol liquids are THC-free.

To provide flavour, e-liquids usually also contain flavourings or natural terpenes. These provide the user with an almost endless variety of flavours. Consumers should make sure that only natural flavourings are used to produce CBD e-liquids.

Peppermint is often used as an additional flavour.

In some cases, these liquids also contain nicotine. This is because of the fact that e-cigarettes are particularly popular with many smokers. Increasing numbers of people have been using such e-cigarettes in order to wean themselves off smoking real cigarettes.

  • CBD E-Liquids consist mainly of CBD, propylene glycol
  • (PG) and glycerine (VG). Flavourings and terpenes provide flavour. Some liquids
  • also contain nicotine. 

The right PG:VG ratio

More than anything else it is the ratio of PG to VG which is the decisive factor when it comes to the vaping experience. But there is no “right” or “wrong” here, as this is ultimately a matter of taste. Mixing these two components affects the viscosity of an e-liquid. If the viscosity is very low, i.e. the liquid is very fluid, it is very probable that it will evaporate quickly. Users can tell when there is too much distilled water or PG from the crackling or popping noises which occur when using the vaporiser.

Glycerine is significantly more viscous than PG. To take an everyday comparison – VG has roughly the consistency of standard honey. When the ratio of PG to VG is right then nothing more stands between the user and the relaxed CBD vaping experience. However, if the viscosity of the VG is too high, the rate of flow supplying the heating coil in the vaporiser will be too low. Users can easily recognise when this is the case from the burnt flavour of the vapour.

CBD-liquid – How can it help?

Since the end of the 1970’s, numerous studies have discovered ever more modes of action for CBD. Nevertheless, CBD research has by no means reached its end. Even today, new connections between medical conditions and the curative and preventive effects of CBD are constantly being revealed.

The main way in which CBD is administered is still in the form of CBD oil. When it is taken, cannabidiol enters the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach. When cannabidiol is vaped, however, the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream via the alveoli of the lungs. Some research results now suggest that uptake of CBD via the lungs is faster due to a potentially higher bioavailability when consumed as a vapour.

So far, studies have demonstrated a number of effects which are clearly associated with CBD. For example, taking CBD inhibits pain, which can result from migraines or other causes. CBD is thus used to relieve the pain associated with ailments such as osteoporosis or diseases such as cancer.

Those who suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders can make use of another property of CBD. CBD is an anticonvulsant, meaning that it can help muscles to relax. This results in a calming effect, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night, so that it becomes possible to do so without any difficulties after a while. The pain-relieving properties of CBD also help with sleep disorders. This is because many people find themselves unable to fall asleep due to the fear they have of being awoken by pain. If cannabidiol in any form is consumed shortly before falling asleep, this will inhibit the pain in the morning and, consequently, the fear of falling asleep.

In addition to its ability to inhibit pain, CBD has also been shown to have a positive effect oninflammatory diseases. But CBD doesn’t just help in the case of “major” inflammatory diseases. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect can also help to reduce acne. The trick here is that CBD contributes to the permanent reduction of the fat content of the skin.

CBD also has a particularly calming effect and can therefore help against stress, anxiety, nervousness or overexertion at school, university, at work and in people’s private lives. And for anyone who might have underestimated the psychoactive effects of the related compound THC and wishes to counteract it: CBD is a THC antagonist.

In the form of an e-liquid, CBD stimulates the immune system whilst also having an anti-inflammatory effect, as already described. Asthma, which can be the result of the immune system malfunctioning, is now often treated with CBD. CBD strengthens the immune system, thereby helping against allergies. CBD E-Liquid can partially alleviate allergic attacks.

Advice on buying CBD e-liquid

Thanks to high demand, CBD e-liquids are presently available from a large number of producers all over the world. As with any product, both the quality and the price of CBD fluids vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In general, the price of a CBD e-liquid is mainly based on its CBD concentration. The sale of CBD liquids is legal in the UK. CBD e-liquids do not carry an expiry date, as they are not considered to be perishable products.

As a responsible consumer, you should always bear in mind that CBD liquid produced here in the UK has to be manufactured with strict controls on quality. When buying CBD, you should also make sure that it is derived from hemp which was certified by the EU for later processing into the final product cannabidiol.

How to use CBD e-liquid

Consuming, i.e. vaping, cannabidiol e-liquids is very straightforward. Nevertheless, at this point, we would like to give you a bit of advice in order to make your experience of vaping CBD considerably more enjoyable.

First of all it should be noted that the CBD e-liquid cannot be compared with CBD flowers in terms of the concentration of the active substance. As already mentioned, CBD is usually present in e-liquids in the form of an isolate. This means that no other cannabinoids are present, and the entourage effect is not relevant. This is, however, not necessarily a bad thing.

As the effects of CBD can vary from person to person, it is often the case that a vaporiser can be more effective. The reason for the general difference between vaping and taking CBD oil, for example, is that heating can result in the loss of various active ingredients, while others end up having their effects enhanced by the higher concentration and the evaporation of other liquids which are present.

Even though e-liquids may contain fewer cannabinoids and terpenes, the use of such products can still make sense. Many users also simply prefer CBD e-liquids, perhaps because they do not like CBD oil, or because it even makes them feel sick.

The choice of whether to use CBD oil or CBD liquid – in the end, this is a question which depends on the preferences of the individual user. Our advice is always just to test out both ways of taking CBD in order to see which one suits you best.

Stop smoking using CBD e-liquids

Smoking is a habit which harms more than just your bank account. The nicotine contained in cigarettes has also been shown to be a strong neurotoxin and is highly addictive. In addition, tobacco products are not only physically addictive but also psychologically. When faced with the kinds of situations where cigarettes provided calming relief in the past, the smoker feels the need to smoke. Researchers have now established a link between cannabinoids and stopping smoking.

Scientists in London tested the effect of CBD on giving up smoking on 24 volunteers who all wanted to stop smoking. One half of the participants were given a placebo and the other half were given CBD by means of an inhaler. For seven days, the participants were told to use the inhaler whenever they felt the need for a cigarette. The aim was to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Those from the group which was given the placebo noticed no significant reduction in the number of cigarettes they consumed. In contrast, those from the group which was given CBD nearly halved their cigarette consumption.

The results of studies like this are not yet considered fully confirmed. However, looking at other studies of addiction and pain studies, it is certainly fair to conclude that an addiction-reducing effect cannot be ruled out as yet. The mechanism which is thought to be responsible for this involves a connection between the addictive behaviour of humans and the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. It is proposed that the effect of CBD is to erase the memories of the feelings of reward which were previously obtained by smoking cigarettes.

  • In the case of e-liquids, CBD is carried into the lungs via the airways and is then absorbed by the body.
  • Nowadays, there are all sorts of different flavours.
  • CBD e-liquids are useful if you want to give up smoking. 

The consumption of products containing cannabinoids can under certain circumstances result in interactions with various medications. If you already take medication, the use of CBD and other cannabinoids should first be discussed with your doctor.

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