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Cannabidiol hemp flowers
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Natural raw material for clothing and carrier of more than 100 cannabinoids – hemp is and remains a natural reservoir with great potential. The flowers of the hemp plant are particularly interesting for production. In these, the natural concentration of CBD is by far the highest. Because cannabis flowers are illegal, CBD flowers or CBD weed are now sold.

What are CBD flowers (CBD weed)?

They form the basis of most CBD products – CBD flowers. These flowers are also called the buds of the cannabis plant. Basically, this name is given to all those thatt come from the low-THC commercial hemp. The special thing about them is that they have a high CBD content. CBD flowers are sold untreated in one piece.

CBD flowers are defined as:

  1. consisting of legal, EU-certified commercial hemp
  2. contain a lot of CBD
  3. contain little THC
  4. can be smoked, vaporised or taken as a tea
  5. are legally very questionable in the UK

A distinction is made in quality and cultivation between:

  • indoor flowers
  • outdoor flowers
  • greenhouse flowers

The trade in pure cannabis CBD flowers is highly questionable in the UK. On the one hand, because the police and the authorities have a very differentiated view of the THC content, and on the other hand, because trade between two businesses is actually permitted. In this respect, CBD flowers are considered illegal by the authorities in the UK.

Many traders, however, try to sell CBD flowers legally as a flavouring product.

Production of CBD flowers

Within the European Union, producers of cannabis flowers are only allowed to work with EU-certified commercial hemp plants. These have significantly low levels of THC and are only grown to a certain level of maturity.

In order to accomplish all of this with pinpoint accuracy, modern exposure and irrigation systems are used in this day and age. This ensures a consistent and high quality of the commercial hemp.

When the growth process comes to an end, the hemp flowers are simply harvested and hung up to dry. This can be done manually or with machines.

As a natural product, no further processing steps are required for the production of CBD flowers. The flowers can then be specially packaged for the consumer, so that commercially available product units are created.

Difference between CBD oil and CBD flowers

Basically, both the well-known CBD oil and the CBD flower have the same ingredients. The difference lies in the amount of CBD that is absorbed.

As already mentioned, CBD flowers usually contain a low amount of CBD. Through further processing and refinement with certain oils as carrier media, the CBD dosage can be either reduced or increased.

  • CBD oils with 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% are commercially available.
  • CBD flowers with 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% and also 5% are commercially available.

Otherwise, the dosage of flowers is very difficult, in contrast to the oil. Logically, you cannot count drops here, as is usual with oils. Only the regularity of consumption or the number of puffs in a vaporiser can make a difference.

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CBD flower intake

With oils, you can simply drizzle the CBD under your tongue, but how do you do it with cannabis flowers? Should you just smoke the legal cannabis flowers as a CBD joint? The question of ingestion is not a simple one.

Inhaling CBD joint

In most cases, CBD flowers are taken by inhalation. For this purpose, the flowers are first crushed and then smoked as an additive. One possibility is CBD “cigarettes” aka CBD joints.

Of course, other methods also work – such as a pipe. Due to the general problem with smoking, medical professionals in particular advise using alternatives.

Vaping: Vaporising

A gentle method of ingesting cannabidiol flowers is vaping. In this process, the crushed plant fibres are introduced into a vaporiser with a carrier liquid. The heating process is slower and therefore more careful.

Vaping makes it possible to consume the ingredients of the cannabis flowers without having to burn the solid components. When vaping, the CBD flowers are also absorbed through the respiratory tract.

It is important not to confuse vaping the flowers with vaping e-liquids.

It is possible to consume CBD flowers with a so-called vaporizer

CBD flower tea or as food

As an alternative to smoking and vaping, there is oral intake. Here, the CBD flower is also crushed and mixed into the food.

To do this, you simply have to crush the flowers. The cliché here would be baked cookies. Or else a flower tea!

CBD flower dosage

In their natural form, CBD flowers have a CBD content of between 8 and 10 %. If consumers are concerned that the CBD flower may contain too much THC, this can usually be dispelled.

According to the EU and UK, CBD flowers that enter the market must have a THC content of less than 0.2%.

It is difficult to say exactly how much CBD flower one needs to consume for a certain and desired effect. Factors here are general constitution, height and weight. In any case, it is recommended to work towards finding the right CBD dose.

CBD flower effects – How do they work?

Speaking of nutrition, experts even advocate this kind of intake. The reason is that hemp, and thus also the CBD flower, has a very high and balanced nutrient density. Due to the amount of nutrients and vital substances, CBD could be the superfood of the future. In addition to CBD, the flower also contains antioxidants and vitamins E and B. Furthermore, CBD flowers are excellent suppliers of proteins (edestin and albumin). These two are quickly absorbed due to their similarity to the body’s own proteins and support the immune system.

In CBD plants, the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is particularly favourable. This optimal ratio even has an anti-inflammatory effect on the human body. The anti-inflammatory effect is also supported by the high proportion of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in the CBD flower. GLA also helps to alleviate skin diseases. In addition, it has a positive effect in balancing a disturbed hormone balance.

Regardless of how one ingests CBD flowers, the CBD in them can have certain effects on the human body.

How do CBD flowers work?

CBD flowers – how do they work?

Against inflammation

As already described, CBD can help relieve inflammation. A study[1] published in 2011 found that CBD can help against intestinal inflammation, for example. The researchers examined test persons who suffered from intestinal inflammation due to lipopolysaccharides.

It was concluded that CBD has a documented effect on the inflammatory environment of the colon cultures. Cannabidiol as CBD flowers are absorbed through food, so in this case it can support directly on the spot, so to speak.

Against heart problems

Inflammatory diseases can also affect the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. According to a study [2], the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD flowers can also have a positive effect on heart problems.

It has been concluded that the cannabidiol from CBD flowers can have a particularly soothing effect on inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). In the series of experiments conducted as part of the study, the researchers were able to observe that the CD3 and CD4 lymphocyte levels decreased.

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Against pain

The perception of pain can also be changed by taking CBD flowers. CBD works for example in connection with the ECS, the endo-cannabinoid system. The CB2 receptor, which is active here, plays an important role in the perception of pain. If CBD docks on this receptor, it can help to inhibit pain there.

An additional plus point for CBD in pain therapy is that, according to an article in the “Journal of Experimental Medicine”, there is no habituation effect. When classic painkillers are administered, this effect can occur again and again. This means that in order to achieve a consistently good pain-relieving effect, the dose of these drugs must be constantly increased. According to the article, this is not the case with CBD.

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Against psychological problems

Taking CBD flowers can help not only with physical stress, but also with psychological stress. CBD has a calming effect on the body. This effect helps to solve problems with falling asleep or sleeping through the night, for example.

CBD also has the property of brightening the mind. This means that it can also help in the treatment of depression to a certain extent.

CBD flower side effects

CBD flowers can be taken by humans as well as animals. This has also been confirmed by the WHO. According to unanimous expert opinion, there is no risk of CBD flowers becoming addictive. However, anyone who consumes CBD flowers on their own responsibility should be aware of possible side effects.

  • Pregnant women are currently advised not to consume CBD flowers. CBD could reduce the protective function of the placenta. If you suffer from glaucoma, it is still unclear whether CBD helps or promotes the disease. Both have been observed.

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  • A similar duality to glaucoma has also been found in appetite. For example, cannabis is used to increase appetite in cancer patients, but appetite suppressing effects have also been observed after CBD ingestion.
  • Taking CBD has been observed to lower blood pressure in a certain number of patients. If this effect is therapeutically desired, one can take CBD flowers without hesitation. In patients with low blood pressure, however, this can lead to a feeling of dizziness.

Can one buy CBD flowers legally?

Yes, because it always depends on the application. Basically, however, attention should be paid to the THC content of the products to prevent the purchase of a high-percentage flower that is not legal.

If you buy CBD flowers, however, you should be aware that the police cannot always distinguish legal from illegal ones, so be sure to look for reputable sales from reputable sellers. And bear in mind that you have bought aromatic flowers that are not allowed to be taken on paper.

CBD flower experiences

There are few testimonials here that favour the use of flowers over oils. This has not been confirmed by science either. A good full-spectrum oil contains everything you need. It is the product of a flower.

In this respect, our experience is that you are better advised to just buy a 100% legal CBD oil and not flowers.


  • In conclusion, CBD flowers are the most natural way to consume CBD. Produced by harvesting and drying, CBD flowers can be eaten, smoked in e-cigarettes or made into teas. The effect of CBD flowers has been proven by studies. For example, taking them can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Mental illnesses such as depression can be helped by the CBD flower due to its mood-lifting effect.

FAQs about cannabidiol flowers

  1. Are CBD flowers legal in the UK?

    Yes and No. This is because one has to distinguish between commercial trade and sales to consumers. Commercially it is legal, to consumers it is not. Selling via aroma flowers is a legitimate loophole and legal as long as there is little THC in them.

  2. Do CBD flowers make you high?

    No. Just like CBD oil, the THC content is low (under 0.2%). In addition, there is a lot of CBD. It counteracts the state of intoxication and is not psychoactive. This means that the flowers definitely do not make you high!

  3. How do CBD flowers work?

    CBD flowers have the following effects
    – anti-inflammatory
    – relief of pain
    They can therefore help with anxiety, stress, headaches or cramps.

[1] – 27.03.2020 – 27.03.2020

When taking products containing cannabinoids, interactions with various medications may occur under certain circumstances. If you are taking medication yourself, the use of CBD and other cannabinoids should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

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