CBD for Arthrosis

CBD intake for arthrosis
Written by Stefan K.

Pain in the joints is often an unmistakable sign of one of the most widespread diseases in western countries – osteoarthritis. The older you get, the higher the risk of developing arthrosis. However, not all of them experience pain, the most prominent symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Chance: Cannabis oil to treat arthrosis

Apart from many pharmaceutical-chemical painkillers, CBD, the legal cannabidiol from the hemp plant, is particularly helpful in the case of osteoarthritis. CBD for osteoarthritis was used in earlier times, but prohibition based on unscientific rush jobs proved a setback for this method, which is so helpful for sufferers. Especially the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD is a real blessing for troubled joints.

Causes of arthrosis

Experts and specialists divide arthrosis into primary and secondary forms. Put simply, in:

  • primary osteoarthritis, doctors speak of a cartilage-inherent cause based on biological causes.
  • Secondary arthrosis is when the causes of the joint and cartilage damage are of extrinsic origin. These include mechanical overload, metabolic disorders or inflammation.

The course arthrosis takes is divided into four stages. I

  • In stage 1 the cartilage layer thins out.
  • Stage 2 is characterised by the replacement of the cartilage with inferior fibrous cartilage. Cyst formation falls into this stage.
  • Stage 3 is accompanied by ulceration, i.e. a deep substance defect is already occurring.
  • Marginal bulges form in stage 4. The flattened bone thus tries to absorb the joint pressure.

How conventional arthrosis medication works

Arthrosis is furthered by many factors. These include:

  • obesity
  • joint malpositions
  • hormonal disorders
  • nerve damage.

In addition to exercise therapy, many orthopaedic surgeons also prescribe medication. These include, for example, anti-rheumatic drugs for pain and inflammation, painkillers or directly prescribed opiates, as well as muscle-relaxing agents, high doses of vitamin E or cortisone injections directly into the affected, painful joint areas.

In addition to medications, many orthopaedic surgeons try to bring the problem under control by means of physiotherapy, physiotherapeutic measures, shoe lifts, walking aids or bandages. Not for surgeons, but for all other doctors, the final step is the insertion of an artificial joint through surgery.

Bandages are often used therapeutically for arthrosis.


How CBD oil works for arthrosis?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been increasingly celebrated as a miracle cure for many diseases and their symptoms since its legalisation for medical purposes a few years ago. On the one hand, rightly so, because it provides noticeable relief from painful diseases without any known side effects, and on the other hand, research on this subject is still in its infancy in many places.

However, because CBD has shown such promising properties in osteoarthritis in previous studies, many researchers at many universities around the world are currently working on cannabidiol.

In short, one can say that the effect of CBD in osteoarthritis is …

  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic
  • promotes physical activity and
  • ….it conveys a pleasantly pleasant feeling when it is applied to the skin.

Experiences and studies

Extensive studies have already been carried out on the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. The British immunologist Marc Feldmann published a study in which he came to the conclusion that CBD drastically reduces pain in arthritis. According to Feldmann, CBD reduces inflammation in joint diseases by around 50 percent.

Another study [1] from the UK, more specifically a series of tests on 58 patients at the Royal National Hospital, confirms the pain-relieving effect of CBD in arthritis pain. The improvement in movement by significantly reducing pain was achieved by using the cannabis extract Sativex.

Researchers from the American College of Rheumatology have been investigating the direct influence of CBD on human pain perception since 2007. In a study published at the time [2], they published valid evidence that the nerves in the brain responsible for transmitting pain are, so to speak, littered with docking stations for cannabinoids.

CBD in arthrosis: Dog, Cat & Horse

The fact that the product is safe not only for humans but also for animals is shown by the fact that it is prescribed by vets for their domestic pets. CBD for animals is mainly administered to massively relieve symptoms such as:

  • epilepsy
  • loss of appetite
  • anxiety.

Especially for cats and dogs, CBD products are also used for age-related arthrosis.

CBD’s effect in relieving these joint pains is the same as in humans. Animals also have an endo-cannabinoid system. That is where the CBD hemp oil works.

Special forms of arthrosis – CBD as a painkiller

As explained above, experts divide osteoarthritis into two forms distinguished by the triggers – primary and secondary osteoarthritis.

If joints change or wear out without a trigger that can be clearly defined from the outside, this is called primary arthrosis. Often this form of arthrosis is caused either by years of incorrect positioning followed by unfavourable stress on the joint, or by incorrect stress due to work or sport. Primary arthrosis is also furthered by neglecting the muscles surrounding the joint in question. This happens especially in highly stressed areas such as the knees and shoulders. In addition to certain training methods such as cycling or walking, doctors and researchers are increasingly coming to the conclusion that CBD products not only have therapeutic but also preventive positive effects on joints. For example, CBD helps with osteoarthritis practically before, during and after the arthrosis.

To prevent primary osteoarthritis, CBD products should either be applied directly to the area to be protected, or the active ingredients should be made available to the whole body via the digestive tract by means of tablets. Even familial dispositions can be alleviated by the use of CBD.

Research at the University Hospital in Zurich [3] has shown that secondary osteoarthritis is the result of extrinsic events that damage the joints. These include, for example, fractures near joints or chronic joint inflammation.

Known symptoms of secondary arthrosis are pain as soon as the joint is put under stress (walking, running, weight shift), pre-existing effusions (triggered by inflammatory reactions) or also overheating and even pain at rest (especially after excessive stress). Patients suffering from secondary arthrosis also repeatedly complain of significant morning stiffness of the inflamed joint areas. The longer this type of arthrosis persists, the more structural damage can occur to the interlocking joint parts. Secondary arthrosis thus damages the stability of the joint to a high degree. Ultimately, this is based on a reduced range of movement on the one hand and a rapid increase in the pain level on the other. According to the current state of research and development, CBD products such as oils or gels are particularly effective against this second symptom.

CBD cream for application in case of arthrosis problems

CBD products can therefore contribute to a more than noticeable improvement in the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients, not only demonstrably but also free from known or researched side effects.

Taking CBD oils, for example, can also be seen as a preventive measure for athletes or elderly people to protect them against injuries to joints, muscles or tendons.

Massage gels using hemp products such as CBD as a base not only create an immediate pleasant feeling of warmth when gently rubbing them into the affected areas, but also immediately relieve the pain in the corresponding excruciatingly painful region of the body.

The experience gained so far, both by patients and doctors, is extremely positive regarding CBD and the products made from it. Especially on painful days, according to patients, taking or applying CBD reduces the effects of arthrosis.


  • Even though it cannot cure osteoarthritis, the pain-relieving effect of CBD helps above all to give the affected persons a better quality of life again.

FAQ: CBD for joint pain

Which CBD oil should be used for arthrosis?

A 10% CBD oil is suitable for the start. Why? Because it represents the average value. Neither too much nor too little. Look for 10% oils on CannaTrust to compare.

What dosage for arthrosis?

A gradual start and increasing dosage is recommended. A good quality 10% CBD oil is advisable. Start with 3 drops three times a day.

May I apply CBD salve on the joints?

Yes! in this way the CBD can act from the outside and be absorbed through the skin. Additionally, one can help “from the inside” with a CBD oil.

Can I give CBD oil to my dog if he suffers from arthrosis?

Yes, make sure you use the correct number of drops. The lower the body weight, fewer drops. Read the dosage instructions on

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Further Studies

When taking products containing cannabinoids, interactions with various medicines may occur. If you are taking medication yourself, the use of CBD and other cannabinoids should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

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