Inflammation in the case Covid-19: New study provides evidence of efficacy of CBD

Study effectiveness of CBD
Written by Gunnar R.

Researchers never tire of looking for new approaches to the therapy of Covid-19. The majority of corona infections – the cause of Covid-19 – are mild. However, a considerable number of patients require intensive medical care and, in extreme cases, even ventilation. The reason for this is the massive inflammatory reaction in the lungs that can be triggered by an infection with the coronavirus. Doctors refer to this as a “cytokine storm”, as the lungs are literally flooded with pro-inflammatory messenger substances. According to a new study, CBD seems to help against precisely this. In animal experiments, damaged lungs regenerated more quickly, while at the same time infection levels and body temperature fell. 

The world of medicine currently has one overriding goal: to find a vaccine and a drug against the corona infection, which continues to sweep over the entire world with devastating affect. At least for the treatment of acutely ill patients, CBD is becoming increasingly important. A new study by the Augusta University of Georgia (USA) has now found concrete evidence that the hemp product can significantly relieve severe inflammatory processes – so-called cytokine storms – in the context of Covid-19 and reduce lung damage. Head of the study and immunologist Dr. Babak Baban summarizes the urgency of the situation as follows:

“Acute lung failure is a major killer in severe cases of some respiratory viral infections, including coronavirus, and we urgently need better intervention and treatment strategies”.

CBD regulates inflammatory messengers in Covid-19 downwards

Covid-19 causes excessive production of pro-inflammatory molecules such as the interleukins IL-6 and IL-1β and of immune cells such as neutrophils and monocytes in some patients. These flood the lungs and is referred to by doctors as a cytokine storm. The consequences are dramatic: due to the massive inflammation, the lungs can no longer perform their normal task of absorbing oxygen from and releasing carbon dioxide into the blood. Damage is caused to the lung tissue and the patient has to be ventilated. Patients frequently do not survive this procedure. The study has now been able to show that pure CBD can support lung healing and reduce the severe inflammatory reaction. The administration of cannabidiol also helped to reduce structural damage and improve oxygen supply. 

Further studies on its use in humans are needed

In further clinical studies, it is now necessary to find out what a therapy can look like in Covid-19 patients with regard to dosage and application. Even if the tests carried out so far on the mouse model are promising, the application in humans has to be clinically evaluated in detail. In addition, researchers now know that the coronavirus not only attacks the lungs but also numerous other organs. Dr. Baban and his team are now therefore concentrating on research that will shed light on the effect of CBD on other Covid-19-damaged organs such as the intestine, heart and brain. 

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