Liposomal CBD

Liposomal CBD
Written by Stefan K.

Only a few years ago, cannabidiol was a niche product. Apart from a few specialised hemp shops, the market was not really concerned with this substance. Science showed even less interest. This has changed in the meantime. CBD products are being researched worldwide and are now also available from established manufacturers. A high demand is known to stimulate development. Dietary supplements as well as medicines should become more and more effective and at the same time more easily digestible. 

What is liposomal CBD?

Liposomal CBD is another form of CBD. Liposomally administered active substances are known to be better distributed in the body, which in turn leads to potentially improved efficacy. The reason for this is the form in which the CBD molecules travel through our bodies after absorption. Whether this is the same with CBD is currently being researched, but scientific evidence for a stronger effect does not yet exist. Liposomal CBD oils are often also called water-soluble CBD oils.

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Difference between CBD and liposomal CBD

With conventional CBD, the active ingredient molecules are transported freely through the body. On their way to the body cells, they have to pass through the stomach with its strong acidity. This leads to a loss of the active ingredient.  The intestinal bacteria and digestive enzymes also ensure that a much smaller proportion of CBD arrives at the site of action than was originally ingested.

Liposomal CBD has the special feature that the active substance is transported through the organism in small vesicles. These small vesicles are called liposomes. To be more precise, they are very small spheres. They are particularly stable and protect the active ingredient. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains not only the isolated active ingredient, but – as the name suggests – the entire spectrum of cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant. Full-spectrum oil is now sold in conventional and liposomal form. 

Liposomes – What are they?

Liposomes consist of so-called phospholipids. Many of us may still know this term from biology or chemistry lessons. Phospholipids consist of phosphoric and fatty acids. In our organism, they take on one important function above all: they are the central building block of our cell membrane. The vesicles are therefore made of the same material as the cells. Scientists see this as the reason why it makes it easier for them to be absorbed into the body’s cells. 

Vesicles protect against stomach acid  

The vesicles protect active substances on their way from absorption to the site of action. With ordinary CBD, for example, a considerable amount of the active ingredient is lost between the oral cavity and the cell. As mentioned above, gastric acid, digestive enzymes and intestinal bacteria cause problems for absorbed active substances. This effect is probably less with the liposomal variant.  

Water-soluble CBD oil – application & effect

Liposomal CBD must be distinguished not only from conventional but also from water-soluble cannabidiol products. While the oil variant is usually trickled in pure form under the tongue, the water-soluble CBD oil is dropped into a glass of water. The most decisive advantage is that the somewhat unpleasant taste is not noticed. On the contrary, some preparations even contain other flavours (e.g. lemon). 

There are various reports on the quality of the effectiveness. Some sources speak of a high bioavailability, others estimate the health effects of water-soluble CBD to be rather low. As long as there are no comparability studies on this, we are keeping a low profile. However, some customers have already reported great efficacy. But what exactly are the possible advantages and disadvantages of liposomal CBD?

Possible advantages and disadvantages of liposomal CBD

higher bioavailabilitymore expensive to produce
longer blood circulation   contains soy lecithin
faster effect   vesicles protect active ingredient from stomach acid
 little researched

For whom is liposomal cannabidiol suitable?

In principle, anyone for whom taking CBD has health benefits can also choose the liposomal version. Users sometimes report a particularly fast, long and strong effect of the products. Therefore, they are suitable for those users who want to achieve a fast and strong CBD effect – for example, in the case of an impending pain or panic attack. 

Taking water-soluble CBD

Unlike conventional CBD oil, liposomal cannabidiol is often administered by pumping, similar to an asthma spray. This means that the active ingredient is atomised when pumped out and hits the oral mucosa in the form of very fine droplets. As with the dropping bottle, keep the liquid in your mouth for about a minute. This increases the effect, as part of the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and the “diversion” via the stomach is omitted.

Also note that most preparations need to be shaken before use. For this, it is best to read the package insert or the imprint on the vial. The same applies to the dosage recommendation. If you are taking CBD for medical reasons, please consult your doctor or alternative practitioner. He or she will inform you about the individual CBD dosage


  • If you are unsure whether water-soluble CBD oil is right for you, you have several options: try it out or go for the classic CBD oil. Basically, however, the following can be said:
  • If you take CBD as a dietary supplement to feel better, become calmer and more focused or sleep better, conventional oil is best for you. If you are taking cannabidiol for a medical reason – for example migraine, pain, cramps, etc. – you will most likely get a much better effect with liposomal CBD.
  • In addition to visiting your doctor, you also have the possibility to inform yourself about possible experience reports in forums such as those of CannaTrust.


Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the advantages of liposomal CBD?

    Liposomes serve as a protective capsule for active ingredients. The ingredients contained in them are thus better absorbed, and they also contribute to a faster onset of action.

  2. How does liposomal CBD work?

    Liposomal CBD oil has exactly the same properties as classic CBD oil – but the effects are supposed to be more intense and take effect more quickly. 

  3. Are there side effects?

    No side effects are known so far.

  4. Where can I buy liposomal CBD?

    Take a look online. On CannaTrust you can already read testimonials about products with water-soluble CBD.


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When taking cannabinoid-containing products, interactions with various medications may occur under certain circumstances. If you are taking medication yourself, the use of CBD and other cannabinoids should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

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