the most popular cbd products

The most popular CBD products

  • CBD oil – The number 1 of all CBD products

    CBD oil is by far the most popular CBD product. The main reason is, that CBD oil is easy to dispense and easy to take. It comes in different concentrations and there is a CBD oil for every user and for every indication where CBD can help. CBD usually comes as full-spectrum oil (made from an extract) or as pure CBD oil (made from CBD crystals). In most cases it is based on hemp seed oil or MCT oil.

    cbd oil number 1 of all CBD products
  • Less common but great: CBD paste

    CBD paste usually comes in a dosing syringe. In most cases it is a soft, brown to green mass and easy to dispense. CBD paste is practically an early form of CBD oil and usually contains numerous cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD paste comes in different sizes and CBD concentrations.
  • CBD flowers – looks like cannabis

    The most natural and at the same time most controversial form of CBD products are CBD flowers. From just looking at them it is pretty much impossible if they are 'just' CBD flowers or illegal cannabis. CBD flowers though do not contain much THC and are mostly smoked. Therefore, the CBD can be absorbed quickly.

  • Oil in capsules: CBD capsules

    Especially older people or people who have difficulties in dispensing CBD oil prefer to use CBD capsules. These capsules are mostly vegan and prefilled. Therefore, it is easy to take the same amount of CBD every day. CBD capsules can be found in different concentrations.

  • Fast absorption with e liquids

    Especially smokers and vapers like to use CBD e liquids. These products are great for a quick intake of CBD. CBD e liquids contain pure CBD crystals or full-spectrum extracts and can be consumed with a vape pen / e cigarette. The vapour is inhaled and absorbed through the lungs. Some studies say that this way CBD is absorbed up to 30% faster.

    CBD E-Liquids
  • Water-soluble CBD with high bioavailability

    Water-soluble CBD, also known as liposomal CBD, has a higher bioavailability than conventional CBD oil. The CBD is solved in water on a molecular level and can therefore be absorbed in a very effective way. Some sources say that water-soluble CBD can be absorbed 5 times as good as CBD oil. Therefore, a 4% liposomal CBD product can be compared to a 20% CBD oil.

    water soluble cbd
  • CBD skincare and cosmetics: Salves, creams, balms and co.

    The world of CBD skincare products is diverse and exciting. Nowadays you can find special salves, shampoo, lipstick, tattoo balms and many other products. CBD skincare and cosmetics are only for external use and are usually applied right where they are needed. Many people chose to combine the use of CBD skincare products and products such as CBD oil.

    CBD cosmetic products
  • CBD an food and sweets (edibles)

    CBD edibles grow in popularity. In the US and Canada cannabis edibles have been popular for years. There is also a growing number of CBD edibles such as gummy bears, cookies or lollypops in the market.

    CBD food
  • CBD chewing gums for quick intake

    The fastest way to absorb CBD is through the oral mucosa. Therefore, CBD chewing gums are a good options to quickly take some CBD. It looks inconspicuous and is perfect for everyday use of small amounts of CBD. Therefore, nowadays CBD chewing gums can be found in many drug stores.

    CBD chewing gum for in between
  • The purest of all CBD products – CBD crystals

    When CBD is extracted from the plant it is often isolated and comes in the shape of CBD crystals. These crystals are odorless and tasteless. They are very pure and contain up to 99.8% CBD. CBD Crystals can be eaten or used to make CBD oil or e liquids. The main advantage: CBD crystals do not contain any THC.

    rate cbd crystals

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