What to consider when you buy CBD

  • Buying CBD without having a clue – What to do?

    Cannabis has been a natural remedy for centuries but still most people do not know much about CBD products. For many, the lack of information makes it even harder to find the right product. It seems hard to determine which products are the best and which producers are the most professional. Our CannaTrust team put together some information that may help you finding the right product without having to try too many different products and potentially losing a lot of money.

  • 1) Put the CBD content in perspective and compare

    The kind of information about CBD contents can vary from brand to brand. Some us percentages, other us milligrams. Especially with the percentages some brands try to cheat. Therefore, you should always try to find out how many milligrams of CBD the products contains. The price should be according to the amount of CBD in the product. With some quick calculations you will be able to compare products more effectively and possibly safe some money.

  • 2) CoAs provide information about the contained cannabinoids

    In a professional industry CoA (Certificates of Analysis) should not be necessary for each and every product. The CBD industry though is rapidly growing and many people try to make 'fast money'. As a result, there are numerous products of poor quality on the market. Therefore, you should always make sure the product you buy has a CoA with it. By that, you will know which cannabinoids in which cocentrations are contained in this product. You should also loom for where the CoA comes from. Best case is a CoA of a real third party laboratory.

  • 3) Do not fall for health claims

    The pharmaceutical-advertising law prohibits to sell dietary supplements in combination with health claims. CBD 'can' help, but that is not always to be taken for granted. Strictly speaking, someone who sells CBD is not even allowed to talk about the 'possible' effects of CBD. That is why it is important to stay away from brands and resellers who ignore this law. In contrast to those businesses stands CannaTrust. Since we do not sell any products, our users can freely write about their real experiences and therefore about the potential health benefits of CBD products.

  • 4) CBD is not always the same

    The cheaper the better? We don't think so. We know that especially in the CBD industry there are numerous black sheep. These so-called black sheep sell substandard CBD from China or even synthetic CBD. We fight for the naturalness of CBD and therefore ask you to always critically check particularly cheap products for their quality. Additionally, before buying CBD oil you should decide if you would like to buy a 'full-spectrum CBD oil' or 'pure CBD oil'. Pure CBD oil contains CBD crystals solved in oil. Full-spectrum oil is made of a natural extract which contains numerous other cannabinoids besides CBD. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Read CBD ratings on

    We as the CannaTrust team see it as our task to create transparency for the consumers. Therefore, before deciding on the right product you are invited to read real maniually verified experience reports of the products of our participating brands. The best: Everything is entirely transparent and without interest to sell! We will not manipulate you.

  • 5) Does the price decide?

    You cannot answer this question with "yes" or "no". The price should always be fair but you should not forget: At first, CBD products appear to be rather expensive. If you economize the investment over the time of usage and taking the possible benefits into account it is not. Of course you should not spend more money on CBD than you have to. High quality, organic products and professional distribution obviously create higher costs. You cannot say that expensive products are generally better though. You need to find the right product for you. After that, it makes sense to compare prices, use coupons etc.

  • 6) CBD tests and rankings

    Unexperienced users may want to be able to rely on rankings and tests of different products. In many cases though it is to be warned against the operators of such websites. Often enough those kinds of texts are created in order to draw users to the respective website and to make them buy certain products. Mostly, the operators receive a commission by providing so-called affiliate links. Such websites cannot help you with forming your own independent opinion.

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  • Listening to your gut is ok!

    In the end we as the CannaTrust team can only provide you with advice, help and information. When it comes to buying a product you have to make your own choice and every one has different priorities. In the end it often comes down to the right gut feeling, trust in the product and recommendations by others. We hope that we can help you with finding the right product and that it eventually helps you.

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