Will CBD continue to be available in the UK?

will cbd still be available in the uk?
Written by Doris Lolling

The future of the UK CBD industry is at stake: CBD products in the UK are subject to the Novel Food Regulation. Products that entered the market after 13 February 2020 now have to undergo the Novel Food application process before entering the market. Products and brands that entered the market beforey 13 February 2020 can stay on the market for now but have to undergo the same application process in the mid term. If they are rejected by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) they will have to be withdrawn from the market

The application process

All applications had to be submitted to the FSA by 31 March 2021. The FSA reviewed each application and rejected those which did not match the admission criteria regarding the product quality and safety. The others were divided into two groups: The validated ones that will continue to be reviewed and the ones that were assessed as to have an “acceptable quality” to pass the application process but lacked documentation at the moment of submission. The applicants of the second group were informed about that and had the chance to complete their applications. 

The next step for all applicants who remain on the FSA’s list will be to prove that their products are safe for the consumers. Therefore, substantial clinical studies have to be carried out, starting with animal testing. 

The future of the CBD industry

This topic remains exciting. The FSA is currently processing the applications. They published a list of those applications still in the validation process on their website and keep updating it. The CBD industry is following this process closely because once the first products will receive their admission to the market further manufacturers will follow and apply for market admission for their products as well. 


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