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The Swiss brand CANYA was founded by three childhood friends who have been using CBD products for several years but have not been able to find the optimal product. CANYA only uses high-quality CBD extracts and valuable terpenes from organic agriculture in Switzerland and in the EU.

CANYA CBD ratings on CannaTrust

The Swiss brand CANYA stands for quality, taste, and authenticity of high-quality CBD products. These products are intended to be a real treat for everyday use. For the company, sustainability is an important part of its own actions. In addition, they have a strong focus on transparency. Now it’s possible to submit CANYA CBD ratings on CannaTrust to get a valuable collection of feedback from CANYA users. And many other readers will benefit from these CBD ratings because it is important to find out what to look for when buying a CBD product. In order to make this type of information more easily available, the CannaTrust project was established. Since this area of educational work is also very important to the manufacturer CANYA, we decided to work together.

Especially in times like today, when the CBD market is full of different manufacturers and products, our rating platform is so important. The CANYA CBD ratings on CannaTrust offer all users and potential customers a better overview of which brands do not have to hide and which manufacturers may be less professional.

Experience with CANYA CBD products

Now anyone who has already had experience with CANYA CBD products can share them on Basically, any form of evaluation is allowed. However, we here at CannaTrust ask all users to always rate honestly and objectively and to specify the star rating in the review accordingly.

If you share your review of CANYA CBD products, it is particularly interesting for other readers to find out why you have chosen these CBD products Feel free to tell us in detail what dosage you used and what effect you have felt. Furthermore, users and readers are also interested in which medical condition or diseases you treat with the CANYA product. Was it effective (or rather not)? This can also be a part of your review.


It doesn't matter whether your ratings are more positive or negative, both alternatives are desirable. This way, users and potential customers receive all the information about the advantages and disadvantages of a product and can weigh up what is relevant for their own case. Rate CANYA by registering briefly so that your data is protected. Now you can easily select your star rating and get going. By the way, a star rating also creates a rating that enables a CBD product comparison within the CannaTrust platform. Potential customers and users have the opportunity to have the cannabinoid products displayed in ascending or descending order according to the star rating. This gives a quick overview of the most popular CBD products on

These ratings also give the manufacturer CANYA valuable feedback and a better overview of their products and their customers. If necessary, the manufacturer can contact you and get in touch with you for a clarifying dialogue.

Rate CANYA now and help to make the CBD market more transparent.