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Medihemp (Deep Nature Project)

Medihemp is a brand of the manufacturer Deep Nature Project. From the organic fields in the region of ‚Neusiedlersee‘ to the final certified organic product – everything is “Made in Austria”. Deep Nature Project takes care of the whole process. Due to this, they are able to guarantee the highest quality. All CBD and CBG products by Medihemp are certified and have a marketability certificate which is valid for the whole EU. Our goal is to provide health-conscious people with high-quality hemp products which are free from pesticides and other pollutants.

Medihemp reviews on CannaTrust

Above all, Medihemp stands for high-quality cannabinoid products with certified organic quality. The product range of the manufacturer Deep Nature Project is broad and contains a variety of different hemp extracts and CBD oils. In order to make it possible that not only you, but also all other users know about the products very well, we need your Medihemp reviews on CannaTrust. With your CBD oil review, you can help other people to evaluate the product and to find the right product for you through comparisons and CBD tests. Although the best CBD oil does not exist for everyone per se (because everybody reacts differently to every product) numerous good experiences by other users can be a good indicator for a high-quality product.

With a Medihemp review on CannaTrust you actively help to make the cannabinoid market in the UK much more transparent. In this way you make cannabinoid products much more comparable for newcomers or generally interested people. To make this work especially well, we ask you to make your Medihemp experience report as honest and detailed as possible. For this purpose, it is best to write about all characteristics that can be evaluated very well on an objective level. For example, this includes the handleability. It is also more than ok if you write about the potentially positive effects of Medihemp CBD and CBG products. Subjective perceptions on the other hand are rather less suitable for a fair cannabidiol review. For example, statements about the taste or the smell of a product are perceived differently by everyone and do not contribute to the quality of a cannabinoid product.

Please help us: Medihemp on

In order to help the project CannaTrust to be successful in the long run and help the market to more transparency, we need your opinion on the listed products. Please help and rate products of Medihemp and other brands and manufacturers on! Through active users the community becomes what it is: A community of CBD-interested people, who help each other with experience reports and want to improve the market together.

Also, the producer of the brand Medihemp called Deep Nature Project campaigns for more transparency. For this reason, you can evaluate Medihemp brand products on CannaTrust right from the start. Furthermore, Deep Nature Project relies on purely natural raw materials, which are 100% organically grown. For the production of the cannabinoid products only EU-certified organic cannabis varieties are used.

Within the framework of transparency, Deep Nature Project does not only have all Medihemp products regularly tested for quality and purity but is also willing to share the results of these independent laboratory analyses with the public. Under the tab "certificates" within the product profiles you can find all important certificates and analysis results. This way you can convince yourself of the quality of Medihemp products on CannaTrust.

Your Medihemp CBD review

In order to make as many users as possible benefit, we need your Medihemp CBD review. For what reason did you use Medihemp products? Did the effect meet your expectations? Which recommendation regarding the dosage would you like to share with other users? Such topics and many more are particularly interesting for many users of this platform. Active members of the community can help to find answers to those questions.

If your Medihemp CBD review should also contain negative experiences, you can of course also report this. In case of negative reviews, we would like to point out that basically every review on is welcome as long as it is factual and free of spam. Therefore, in case of negative reviews, it is especially important to remain honest and objective. If necessary, the manufacturer behind the Medihemp brand can then contact you in the comment section. CannaTrust is not only about reviews, CBD tests and product data, but also about constructive feedback and possible product improvements.