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Phenotype Premium

Phenotype Premium is a young, innovative brand that specializes in the manufacture and sale of high-quality CBD oils. In order to achieve “pharmaceutical quality”, Phenotype works closely with an Austrian manufacturer. The foundation is always EU-certified pure hemp.

CBD test on CannaTrust

The manufacturer utilizes the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids to heal the body and promote health. The plants from which Phenotype Premium extract the CBD are organically grown without herbicides or pesticides. In the extraction process, Phenotype Premium values purity and does not use chemicals or solvents. In this way, exceptional purity can be achieved with the CBD products. Now Phenotype Premium would like to undergo the CBD test on CannaTrust and be evaluated by real users These ratings then show how high quality products and manufacturers are. If you give ratings and reviews about Phenotype Premium, we ask you to stay objective and give detailed reasons for your statements. The CBD test on CannaTrust helps both the manufacturer and the consumer and is completely independent.

Your Phenotype Premium review

In order to offer all users maximum added value, it is important that all products listed on the platform receive plenty of reviews. Your Phenotype Premium review can be written in detail or rather briefly, that doesn't matter. Every sentence and every word helps to clarify. Phenotype Premium, the manufacturer, can react directly to every review, so please be polite and pay attention to an objective approach.

Keep in mind that your Phenotype Premium review can help another person, or could even prevent a purchase. Reviews are the heart of CannaTrust because with your help it is possible for us to make the CBD market more transparent and fair.

Phenotype Premium rating

You can share your Phenotype Premium rating on using the built-in rating and comment section. Above all, users of these products appreciate the use of natural raw materials In order to set the highest standards in the cannabis industry, the manufacturer uses natural pharmaceutical-grade hemp products from Austria. So that this can be better assessed by other users, we need your Phenotype Premium experience in the form of ratings.

As a neutral platform, of course, we cannot tell you whether you should buy Phenotype Premium CBD products or not. We do not sell any products anyway. You can have a look at the manufacturer's website for that. But, Phenotype Premium ratings on CannaTrust can give a good indication of the quality of the products. We, therefore, hope that Phenotype Premium will soon be able to collect a lot of ratings and reviews on CannaTrust.