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MabsutLife PhenoPen 59.7% CBD Vape Pen

von MabsutLife

Reviews 2 • Excellent

The MabsutLife PhenoPen connect the naturalness of a pure hemp extract with the delightful experience of vaping CBD. This innovative product enables the consumption of cannabidiol in a totally new manner. With a CBD content of 59.7% und 3.3% of other cannabinoids, the PhenoPen is a very special CBD product.


The MabsutLife PhenoPen gives you the opportunity to enjoy an innovatively composed CBD extract by means of a certified vaporisation system. This enables a pleasant form of inhalation of CBD vapour that is particularly smooth and pleasant. The PhenoPen is fresh, effective and tasteful until the last drop.


The MabsutLife PhenoPen is a cutting-edge device that enables you to vape specially developed CBD full spectrum extracts made of 100% hemp. The PhenoPen consists of high-quality materials und contains state-of-the-art engineering. The PhenoPen is considered as the revolution of the CBD vaping industry.

The device itself consists of 2 main components:

  • Cartridge – A custom-fit and comfortable mouthpiece that is connected to a well-developed cartridge that contains a CBD extract. Amongst other things, the cartridge consists of heat-resistant ceramic which enables the extract to work untainted by the heat. Each cartridge is individually sealed and tamper-proof.
  • Pen – The pen itself consist of a powerful battery as well as a unique breathing resistance. This enables an effective way of vaping including a response.

When drawing the PhenoPen briefly vibrates which intensifies the feeling of inhalation in a pleasant way. Additionally, a light shows the state of charge.


  • Battery capacity: 320 mAh
  • Output: 8.5 W
  • Charging current: 300 mA (1.5 W)
  • Length: 105mm
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Weight: 27 g

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Price / RRP112,50 GBP
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MabustLife PhenoPen - CoA Cannabinoids

MabustLife PhenoPen - CoA Terpenes


MabsutLife has devoted oneself entirely to the development of high-quality products based on CBD extracts for a rapidly growing market around cannabinoid products.


Amongst others, the team behind MabsutLife consists of leading players in the field of organically grown hemp, first-class engineers, trendsetters and other talented employees. Our goal is to be able to offer excellent products by means of close partnerships.

MabsutLife is especially focused on the health-sector and stands up for the use of cannabis products in daily life. The MabsutLife team attaches importance to satisfy customers regarding safety, legality and consumption. Therefore, we continuously work on new innovative products.


The cannabis plant contains a set of active components, consisting of more than 400 chemicals if which more than 70 are known as cannabinoids. Some of these compounds have psychoactive properties while others might have a significant medical potential.

Based on numerous studies of the past few years cannabidiol (CBD) became a very popular and widely used cannabinoid. Through the PhenoPen the MabsutLife team wants to give our customers the opportunity to consume a special natural product in the most pleasant way. Therefore, we make sure the hemp we use is especially pure and of high quality.

MabsutLife PhenoPen 59.7% CBD Vape Pen - Reviews 2

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Best vape experience

The phenopen was by far my best cbd vape experience. the taste is great and you can feel the effect immediately

0People found this evaluation helpful

Love it

Tried the pheno pen a while a go and absolutely love it. You can immediately feel the effect of the contained cbd!